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  Before You Continue...  
Recently, we have seen a marked increase in the number of demands which do NOT meet the criteria for this particular programme. These demands are coming from both new and regular viewers.
With an ever-growing waiting list, we have to keep things fair for everyone. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your demand complies with the rules of the show, so PLEASE take just a few moments to read the following information BEFORE you submit your next demand.
  Demand Rules Checklist  
Demand Country features country music - hence the name. Other shows on the channel cover other genres - we don't. We cover country music ONLY. If your demand isn't classed as country, it won't be accepted for this show so please don't post a request.
It might be your favourite song in the world, but if there isn't a proper video then we can't play it. Radio stations don't need videos - television stations do!
In general terms, by a 'proper video' we mean a video version of the song which has been released by the artist or band. Most of the time it's an official video release, or sometimes it might be a performance from a TV show or a live gig. If your chosen song doesn't have a proper video, it WON'T be accepted.
There are several types of videos we do NOT feature on the show, and we've listed some of these below. There are tens of thousands of proper music videos out there to choose from, so if yours falls into one of these categories then it's very likely it will be rejected and deleted:
Camera Phones At Gigs: There's nothing worse than several minutes of shaky camera phone footage, jumpy zooms in and out, shadows of people's heads walking across the bottom of the screen and the picture constantly going in and out of focus. If this sounds familiar, please don't submit it!
Collages/Compilations: If your video is simply an audio track played over a home-made collage of photographs or 'stock video' footage, or it's covered in graphics, names and credits, that'll be a "no" too! These don't meet our requirements for a 'proper' video.
Older Videos: No problem choosing an older video (they didn't have HD back then!) but it's important to make sure the quality is good enough to broadcast on TV - both in terms of video and audio. If it looks grainy and pixellated on your mobile phone screen, or there's a noticeable hissing noise in the background, then it's going to look and sound a hundred times worse on the big screen.
We're finding more and more demands where the person's "auto-fill" feature on their phone or tablet has entered their mobile phone number instead of a song title, for example. Please just have a glance back through your form BEFORE you hit the submit button to be sure.
If your demand meets ALL of the criteria above, then we'd love to hear from you!
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