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  How It Works  
DEMAND COUNTRY is your interactive connection with country music. There's a brand new show every week, and in each episode we play the country music videos that have been demanded by you. If you've got a favourite country artist, band or song, then this is the show for you.
The whole concept is simple - you demand it, we play it! Making a demand is simple, but there are a few house rules and things you need to check before you make your demand. That's why we've put together this simple step-by-step 'how to' guide to making a demand.
  Making A Demand  
It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but you'd be surprised at the number of demands we receive that are impossible to process. You might have a song in mind, but you need to make sure we can play it...
Is it country?
Demand Country (as the name suggests!) covers country music. There are other shows on the channel which cover the wider range of music genres but Demand Country only features songs which are classified within the country genres. We can't accept requests for songs such as pop, rock, heavy metal etc.
Is there a proper video version of your song available?
It might be the best song in the world, but if there's no video version available, then we can't play it. No video is ideal for the radio, but not for TV! The easiest way to check if a video version exists is to search on a video website such as YouTube. If the video is available online then it's a pretty safe bet that the song you want was released on video.
Is the video version broadcastable?
The videos we play must be proper official videos released by the artist or band. If the only videos you can find are audio tracks played over the top of someone's home made photo compilation, or a karaoke track for example, then we can't use them. Similarly, we can't include many videos that have been recorded at concerts on a smartphone - quite often they're too shaky, filmed vertically not horizontally, and the sound is too poor. They MUST be proper music videos.
It's also important to check the quality - if it looks all blurred or 'blocky' (which many older videos do) then it won't look good on a big TV screen and there's a chance we can't use it.
Once you've made sure your request is possible, it's time to let us know. Simply click the 'Make A Demand' button at the top of this page and fill in the demand form.
  FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions  
If you're new to the show, then it's possible you might have some questions about the programme, or about making a demand. The chances are, you'll not be the first person to ask the question, so we've put together a selection of the most common questions we're asked.
Where and when can I see the programme?
You'll find us on Music & Memories TV which broadcasts on Freeview channel 271 through internet-connected smart TV's. You can also watch us online on your smart phone or tablet by downloading the free 'Channelbox' app from your app store.
How long will it take to show my demand?
It can vary, depending on the length of the demand queue. When you first submit a demand, we'll give you an estimated waiting time which is likely to be several weeks due to other viewers who are ahead of you in the queue. Once you're in the queue, you can check the status of your demand at any time by clicking the 'Demand Queue' link at the top of this page.
Can I request a dedication?
If your song request is for a birthday or anniversary, for example, we'll do our best to mention this in the show if we can. However please be aware that this is not always possible due to the demand queue waiting time.
Why has someone jumped the queue?
We try to process demands in the order they are received, however this is not always possible due to time constraints. If there's only one slot remaining in a show which is 3m 20s for example, we'll need to search for a demand which matches this duration. If you are next in the queue but your song is 4m 30s, this means someone else will be selected to fill the space, and you will be moved to the next available slot.
Being 'stuck' in the queue can also sometimes happen if we're having problems locating or obtaining a useable version of the song you've demanded - for example if we need to contact the artist directly to request copies be provided, which has happened in the past.
Can I watch episodes of the show online?
In addition to watching the show on Freeview 271 you can also watch the show by downloading the 'Channelbox' app.
Why did you move the queue away from Facebook?
Unfortunately after several months and despite numerous notices and guides including mentions on the air, people were still posting demands in the wrong places on Facebook, and many were not being processed as a result. In addition, we became aware that some viewers didn't have a Facebook account and wanted to become involved, so we moved to a web-based system to eliminate these issues.
Why has my demand been deleted or disappeared?
If you have duplicated a demand you've already made, or if you've posted a 'block load' of demands all at once (ie taking up several spaces in the queue) then we may have deleted or suspended your demand. This is to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to demand a song, and that the queue is not filled up with the same people every week.
Why is my demand labelled as 'Duplicate'?
Don't worry - even if your demand is labelled as a duplicate, you're still in the queue. What sometimes happens is that more than one person requests the same song, so we mark them as duplicates to avoid having the same video played twice in the same show. We'll still update your demand to let you know when it's been included.
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