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DC-15183 Richard Green    (Birmingham)

Buffy Sainte-Marie / The Big Ones Get Away

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DC-15187 Anne Gorton    (Weston-super-Mare)

Emilio / Even If I Tried

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DC-15192 Ollie Mc Namara    (Limerick Ireland)

Ed Bruce / My first taste of Texas

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DC-15201 Linda savers    (Chichester )

Lari white / Nothing but love

Scheduled - Episode 248 during week commencing Monday 26th October 2020
DC-15202 Sheila lumsden    (Drumnadrochit)

Josh Turner / Your Man

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DC-15203 Olive Allfrey    (Bognor Regis )

Deana Carter / You still shake me

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DC-15204 Antony J. Lawrence    (Exeter )

Eric Church / Lightning

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DC-15205 Ray Sharpe    (Lancashire)

Sierra Hull / Don't Pick Me Up

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DC-15207 Valerie Fox    (Plymouth)

Sheryl Crow ft Willie Nelson / Lonely Alone

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DC-15208 John Lamont    (Gretna)

Sheryl Crow ft Eric Clapton / Tulsa Time

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DC-15209 Tony Love    (Hinckley)

George Strait / Codigo

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DC-15214 Frank Ritchie    (Lockerbie)

John Martyn / May You Never

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DC-15219 Sheila lumsden    (Drumnadrochit)

Tumbling Paddies / Pretty Girl

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DC-15221 Sam Hessen    (London )

Justin Moore / Why We Drink

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DC-15222 David Bulpett    (Chandlers Ford)

Brandy Clarke / Stripes

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DC-15223 Roy Downs    (thornton lancashire)

Trisha Yearwood / On a bus to St Cloud.

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DC-15224 Roy Downs    (thornton lancashire)

Trisha Yearwood / I would've loved you anyway

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DC-15225 Dave Lethbridge    (Bittaford South Devon)

Gene Watson / You gave me a Mountain

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DC-15229 James Robertson    (Leven fife Scotland. )

Lisa Mchugh / hillbilly girl

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DC-15230 Alisa Roberts    (Welshpool)

Declan nerley / Blue side of lonesome

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DC-15233 Susan Hebdon    (Easingwold)

Kenny Rogers / She Believes In Me

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DC-15236 Ollie Mc Namara    (Limerick Irelandl)

Alan Jackson / It's five o'clock somewhere

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DC-15239 John savoury    (London )

Lauren Alania / Getting good

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DC-15240 Richard Green    (Sunny Birmingham)

John Hogan / This Cannot Last

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DC-15241 Philip Slattery    (Celbridge, Kildare )

Michael English / Locklin's Bar

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